This website aims to publish tools and ideas to easly execute IT tasks.
Crybull version 2014
Program re-build in C ANSI language in dezember 2014.
The goal is to encrypt and decrypt files with Vigenere algorithm using 1 password/key.
It is a command line tool.
In order to ensure more secure, use long password and encrypt the same file many times using different keys.
Download crybull binary for Linux 64bits
Download crybull.exe binary for Windows 32bits
Download crybull.exe binary for Windows 64bits
The first version was released in 1997
Scrambull Crypbull
Other two binary programs that encrypt files easly from command line.
Download Scrambull binary for Linux 64bits
Download Crypbull binary for Linux 64bits
Crybull 2023
Both programs: crybull23file and crybull23string were written in C ANSI LANG and compiled with Gnu GCC
and uses the Vigenere encryption mecanism with sum of chars from key and XOR (binary method)
crybull23file - the same as crybull, it's called from the command line passing parameters as type source-file target-file and password
Download crybull23file
crybull23string aims to quicly generate a tokenized String easy to copy and paste anywere
Download crybull23string
Cryptostring for WEB

Cryptostring for WEB is a webpage tool used to encript small messages using just local-java-script (it never sends information across the network) and it generates a tokenized string easy to copy and past it and send them to someone else. The cryptostring uses the Vigenere chryptographic system to encode and decode messages using 1 or 2 passwords at the same time.
cryptostring version 3 (Token #)
cryptostring version 4 (Token :)
cryptostring version 5 (base64)
cryptostring version 6 (base64)
GPG - Gnu PGP - Pretty Good Privacy (version 1.4.9)
Download gpg.tar
Supported algorithms on LAB:
:: Pubkey: RSA, RSA-E, RSA-S, ELG-E, DSA
:: Hash: MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD160, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA224
:: Compression: Uncompressed, ZIP, ZLIB, BZIP2
Example: $ gpg --cipher-algo twofish -c PlainTextMessageFile
Public Keys published at:
Download/pull from labolida's docker registry at
then generate an RSA key pair (public and private) with ssh-keygen or gpg
and follow the documentation instructions. Best option: at docker run use --env PUBLIC_KEY=/path/to/file PRIVATE_KEY=/path/to/file2

Leonardo Labolida